Installing Your Shopping Cart v3.5.1 Requirements ========================= PHP 4.3.x (PHP 5 not recommended) MySQL 3.2 and above Apache Web Server (http, https) For the cart to run correctly, we recommend the following: GD Library Support - Necessary for thumbnail generation. (version 2 recommended) cURL Library Support - Necessary to communicate with outside servers. ZLib Support - For compressing files. Ioncube or Zend - Your cart is encoded with either Ioncube or Zend. The default download is sent to you in Ioncube. Zend can be used upon request. Note about SELINUX: If you are running selinux on your server, please make sure that you have given permission to load ioncube or zend optimizer libraries. Installation Instructions ========================= 1. Copy (upload) all files and folder to the location where your store will be installed If you are using ftp please make sure it is in binary mode. We recommend that you use secure ftp(sftp) on all transmissions. 2. Set write privileges for all files in folders to 0777 (read/write/execute for all users). If you have a Linux console access, go to folder where the cart is located and type chmod -R 0777 * and press Enter. If you have not access to Linux console, you may use file browse, which is provided by most hosting companies (see in your hosting server control panel) or FTP client. If the cart is installed on a Windows machine, in most cases Privileges do not have to be set. . 3. Next you will need to create an empty mySQL database. You may need to use your hosting companies control panel to create this. Be sure to make a note of the name, username and password. 4. After all files have been moved, permissions set and a database has been created, you now ready to run the installer. 5. Direct your browser to the following URL: if the cart is installing to the root directory, OR[folder]/install/index.php,is if the cart is installed to a subdirectory. Remember you will need to enter in the exact directory structure to get to the install file. Follow the instructions on the install file. 6. Once the install is complete, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO DELETE THE install FOLDER WITH FILES. Not completing this step may cause a security issue. To access to the administrator area direct your browser to: OR[folder]/admin.php Installation is now complete.